Areas of Practice

Estate Administration (Probate)

At Knotek Law Office, PLC, we have over 25 years of experience advising personal representatives (executors) and the beneficiaries of estates on how to settle all of the final affairs of a deceased person, known as a decedent.

Attorney Knotek and his staff provide thorough, cost-effective assistance to personal representatives through the entire probate process from start to finish, including the assistance and counsel regarding the following steps: 

  • Locating and securing both probate assets and non-probate assets; belonging to the decedent;
  • Obtaining date of death values and appraisals of all of the decedent's property;
  • Preparing and filing all documents required by the probate court in a timely manner;
  • Collecting life insurance proceeds;
  • Rolling over and making appropriate elections with regard to retirement plans, including IRAs and 401(k)s;
  • Advising on the payment of the decedent's final bills and outstanding debts;
  • Keeping track of the estate's checking account;
  • Determining if any estate taxes and/or inheritance taxes will be due at the federal and state levels, and if so, then figuring out where the cash will come from to pay the taxes;
  • Addressing income tax issues;
  • Settling disputes among personal representatives and beneficiaries;
  • Assisting with the sale of estate property;
  • Requesting court permission for various actions when required or necessary; 
  • Retitling the decedent's real estate into the names of the estate beneficiaries if it is not being sold; and,
  • Distributing what's left of the decedent's assets to the beneficiaries after paying bills and taxes. 

Probate Litigation

Attorney Knotek and the staff at Knotek Law Office, PLC  also provide highly effective, zealous representation for people facing a disagreement or contest about a will or a trust. Probate litigation may be necessary under many circumstances, including:

  • Contesting documents based upon incapacity, undue influence and/or fraud of the individual signing the will or trust;
  • Challenging the actions of fiduciaries (personal representatives (executors) and trustees) and making claims for breach of fiduciary duty or forcing fiduciaries to account for their actions;
  • Bringing actions to recover property that belongs to a decedent or an incapacitated individual; and, 
  • Making claims of Elder Abuse.

Real Estate Law

At Knotek Law Office, PLC, we provide exemplary legal counsel and assistance to buyers and sellers, developers, contractors, investors, brokers, escrow companies, lenders, borrowers, and  landlords and tenants in transactions involving real estate.  Such matters include: 

  • Purchase & Sale Agreements;
  • Commercial Leasing;
  • Financing;
  • Title Commitments and Title Insurance Requirements;
  • Easements, CC&R’s and Adjacent Landowner Agreements;
  • Coordination of Entitlement, Due Diligence and Environmental Investigations; 
  • Tax Deferred Exchanges;
  • Specific Performance Actions to Enforce Contracts;
  • Quiet Title, and Partition Actions
  • Property Tax Reduction Claims; and,
  • New Entity Formation (e.g., limited liability companies, corporations, partnership agreements).

Estate Planning

Attorney Knotek and his staff consult with clients regarding the management of their estates both during times of incapacity and after their death.  A plan unique to the client is developed and may involve the drafting of powers of attorney, living wills, wills, trusts, and other testamentary instruments that manage and distribute the client's estate.  

The consultation involves gathering information about you, your family, your assets, and most important, your goals and objectives. Attorney Knotek will make recommendations regarding assets, costs, and the structure of a plan that best suits your goals, paying close attention to distributing or managing property efficiently, privately and perhaps avoiding the need for probate.